Ekstazi (pronounced "ecstasy" /'ɛkstəsi/) is a lightweight and scalable Java library for regression testing. It's used by Apache Camel, CXF, and Commons Math, and integrates nicely with Maven and Ant build systems.

Watch Ekstazi Demo on YouTube (< 5min).


Ekstazi is currently distributed as a binary.

org.ekstazi.core-4.6.1.jarJDK 1.6 or higherApache 2.0
org.ekstazi.ant-4.6.1.jarAnt 1.9.0 or higher
ekstazi-maven-plugin-4.6.1.jarMaven surefire 2.4 or higher

Ekstazi Setup

There are several ways to integrate/run Ekstazi. We documented what we think are the most common use cases. (Let us know if you have a use case that is not listed here.)